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About me & my Art

It all started in my childhood as a play with rainwater. I could sit for hours at the window, observing the game that rainwater creates on the windowpane.
At home, colored pencils and kilos of molding paste were scattered all over, used to create unique characters and fantasy-filled scenes inspired by the game of rain.

What started in childhood as a simple game, has become a passion for the rest of my life. The idea of combining organic fluid forms in an advanced, complex composition I had in 2018, when I started drawing portraits, animals and landscapes in a whole new style that I called FLUIDISM.


International Participation

  • 2020.
  • 2021.
    WHAT IS ART - BOOMER GALLERY London - 2nd edition
  • 2022.
    Capital Culture House- INCANDESCENT- Madrid
  • 2022.
    INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR,15th Edition-Venice
  • 2022.
  • 2022.
    MADS Art Gallery- BRAIN CAKE- La Pedrera, Barcelona
  • 2023.
    TOKIO TOWER ART FAIR by Contemporary Art Collectors
  • 2023.
    ART IN AMERICA- Annual Guide- 40th- Anniversary Edition
  • 2023.
    COLLECTORS ART PRIZE-INTERNATIONAL ART AWARD by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine in collaboration with Contemporary Art Collectors platform
  • 2023.
    BEYOND UTOPIA: VISIONS OF A PERFECT WORLD by Contemporary Art Collectors (June 15- September15)
  • 2023.
    INTERNATIONAL PRIZE "PEGASUS" for the ARTS by Effetto Arte Fundation- Scuola Grande di San Theodoro- Venice
  • 2023.
    ART CANNES BIENNALE by MAMAG Modern Art Museum (19th to 21st of May)
  • 2023.
    INTERNATIONAL PRIZE "MICHELANGELO" by Effetto Arte Fundation- Teatro Italia- Rome
  • 2023.
    INTERNATIONAL ART PRIZE "STAR of ART and MARKET" by Effetto Arte Fundation- Teatro Italia- Rome
  • 2023.
    CONTEMPORARY ART COLLECTORS BOOK (vol.1) by Contemporary Art Collectors
  • 2023.
    "PARALLEL WORLDS" by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine (Sep.20-Dec.20)

„Simplicity is not an end in art, but we usually arrive at simplicity as we approach the true sense of things.“

— Constantin Brâncuși

About Fluidism

FLUIDISM is the most important moment in my artistic career. It is the essence of what I am. It is all about fluidity. Everything flows. Fluidity belongs to the human being, is in our biological composition and in the composition of our society in which we all are immersed. It is about a strong communication system with its own language and infinite ways of expression. It is about a reality that finds and elaborates its nature in the liquid state of things. We are immersed in it and we are carried away by the flow of eternal becoming.

FLUIDISM is a concept, through which I express my artistic creed in works of art, inspired by the existence of a complex substance of outstanding properties and qualities - WATER.

 WATER  is a unique and indestructible substance .

  WATER  is the basis of life, growth and change . 

WATER  has the ability to regenerate continually.

  WATER  soothes and heals.

  WATER  shows understanding and sensitivity.

  WATER  is an accomplished artist. 

  WATER  is the most important element on the planet , can be found in 70% of our earth and in the same proportion in the bodies of humans, animals and plants - sometimes, even in a larger quantity.

 I have chosen to use the seven colors of the rainbow and the shades obtained by combining them in all of my artworks

IRIS - Individual Running Images of Spectrum