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It all started in my childhood as a play with rainwater. I could sit for hours at the window, observing the game that rainwater creates on the windowpane. After the rain I went outside with chalk in my hands and drew the outlines of the puddles of water that formed on the sidewalk.
At home, colored pencils and kilos of molding paste were scattered all over, used to create unique characters and fantasy-filled scenes inspired by the game of rain.

I studied Industrial Design and after graduating I worked as a furniture designer. It was an interesting time in my life, because the designer profession teaches you to observe the nature in detail, to look for new forms, structures and materials. I have always liked to observe the organic shapes that fluids create through their movement on different surfaces.

What started in childhood as a simple game, has become a passion for the rest of my life. The idea of combining organic fluid forms in an advanced , complex composition I had in 2018, when I started drawing portraits and animals in a whole new style that I called FLUIDISM.

International Participation

„Simplicity is not an end in art, but we usually arrive at simplicity as we approach the true sense of things.“

— Constantin Brâncuși

About Fluidism

Fluidism is a concept, through which I express my artistic creed in works of art, inspired by the existence of a complex substance of outstanding properties and qualities - WATER.

 WATER  is an unique and indestructible substance .  WATER  is the basis of life, growth and change .  WATER  has the ability to regenerate continually.  WATER  is comforting and shooting.  WATER  shows understanding and sensitivity.  WATER  is an accomplished artist.   WATER  is the most important element on the planet , can be found in 70% of our earth and in the same proportion in the bodies of humans, animals and plants - sometimes, even in a larger quantity.

The shapes and features of all living bodies are continuously changing. So I had the idea to draw only the liquid part of the body without completely destroying its shape and its initial features.

A person`s character and inner life can be recognized in a portrait. A bird remains a bird without losing the character and idea of flight and an elephant is transformed into a new elephant through a complex ensemble of colors and organic shapes, without losing the idea of the elephant.

I have chosen to use the seven colors of the rainbow and the shades obtained by combining them in all of my artworks .The rainbow is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena, created by the refraction of sunlight in water droplets after rain. For me, the rainbow is like a bridge between water and sunlight. I wish that through my artworks I can bring more interest and understanding for this unique and perfect material that unites everything in a whole of beauty and diversity without edges.

IRIS - Individual Running Images of Spectrum

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